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Course curriculum

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    Course 1: The Individual Conduct Rules (SM&CR) and why and how the FCA regulate consumer credit firms

    • Welcome to the course!

    • How to complete this course - Please read in full!

    • Module 1: An introduction to the FCA and its expectations of authorised firms

    • Module 1: Quiz - pass mark 80%

    • Module 2: How the FCA monitors firms, and the consequences of getting it wrong

    • Module 2: Quiz - pass mark 80%

    • Module 3: Treating customers fairly and the care of vulnerable customers

    • Module 3: Quiz - pass mark 80%

    • Module 4: SM&CR The Individual Conduct Rules

    • Copy of Download your Individual Conduct Rules "personal commitments" form!

    • Module 4: Quiz - pass mark 80%

    • Module 5: Pre and Post Contract Responsibilities and "adequate explanations"

    • Module 5: Quiz - pass mark 80%

    • Module 6: Financial crime - Bribery, Corruption and Money Laundering.

    • Module 6: Quiz - pass mark 80%

    • Module 7: Whistleblowing

    • Module 7: Quiz - pass mark 80%

    • Module 8: General Data Protection Regulation

    • Module 8: Quiz - pass mark 80%

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Training Director

Martin Fenton

Martin has over 30 years of working in the consumer credit marketplace. Primarily working for motor finance lenders, Lombard, UDT and First National in sales management and training and development roles. During that time he has worked with retailers and brokers to help them develop the sale of consumer credit products to their customers. His knowledge of consumer credit regulation over this time has enabled him to deliver practical and engaging compliance training to firms in order to skill their staff and to evidence training competence. Call 01423 522 599 or email us at

Customer Feedback

What our customers say

“I was very impressed with the Consumer Credit Compliance e-Learning Course. It was user friendly to navigate and raised my awareness and knowledge of being an FCA Authorised Person. It was certainly value for money and I would highly recommend it” Daniel T

What our customers say

“Educational and appropriate” Abrina B

What our customers say

“I learnt a number of critical pieces of information and I found the course really helpful” Mark P